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We understand the value that workers bring to our society and we want to ensure that your employment rights are respected.  The law provides workers with certain compensation rights and when those rights are not respected by your employer a lawyer can help. Through our services at Abogato we strive to empower you with basic legal knowledge and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers are ready to talk to you and discuss your current employment situation through an initial consultation at no cost to you. It does not matter where in California you are.  Through our network, we are ready to help you in any part of the state.  We invite you to explore our site and contact us to speak with an Abogato lawyer.

Cases We Handle:

Wrongful Termination

An employer may not fire you for an unlawful reason. Examples of an “unlawful reason” can be the employer’s breach of an employment contract, violation of good faith and fair dealing, or termination that violates a public policy. If you were recently fired and you believe that you were fired unlawfully, contact Abogato today to speak with an attorney.

Wage and Hour Claims

Are you getting paid less than the minimum wage? Do you work more than eight hours a day but don’t get paid overtime? Do you work without any meal breaks? Many workers do not receive the compensation that they deserve under the law. We can help.

Employment Discrimination

Are you not being promoted because of your national origin?  Or perhaps you are paid less because of your gender.  We can stand by your side and fight to help you level the playing field no matter what your background is.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment at the workplace is a very serious and delicate issue.  If you are being harassed at your job, you may be afraid to do or say anything for fear that the situation may escalate. If you are being sexually harassed at work, it is important that you learn about your rights and contact an attorney to help you stand up against unlawful behavior.


Many times, employers classify workers as “independent contractors” so that they do not have to pay them the benefits that come with being an employee. This practice is unlawful. If you believe that you were misclassified as an “independent contractor” instead of a “non-exempt employee” you may be owed reimbursement and other damages. Contact Abogato and speak with one of lawyers to see how we can help.

Hostile Work Environment

Workplace harassment can really bring down morale and can make it extremely difficult for the victim employee to perform his or her job. We understand that these situations can be very uncomfortable.  If you are being harassed at your job, call Abogato and our lawyers will discuss this difficult situation with you in confidence.


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