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Statewide Collaboration to Empower You


Abogato, LLP is a top plaintiff’s employment law firm based in San Diego, California that primarily services the Latino community. We receive case referrals from lawyers and law firms that focus on a wide array of practice areas and also refer cases to other lawyers and law firms.

We believe that workers in all parts of California should have access to legal counsel.  Through referrals and co-counsel relationships, we collaborate with other law firms in California to cover as much of the state as possible.

Abogato, LLP complies with all California State Bar rules when we enter into fee-sharing agreements with other lawyers. The State Bar of California allows lawyers to enter into fee-sharing agreements on a case as long as the client agrees to the arrangement in writing after full disclosure of the agreement and the total fees charged to the client are not increased because of the fee sharing agreement. It is our policy to have all referral agreements authorized in writing by the client in advance of a case’s resolution so that there is no misunderstanding about the sharing of fees at the end of the case.

As permitted by law and the California Rules of Professional Conduct, Abogato, LLP enters into fee-sharing agreements with lawyers of all practice areas. For example, we may enter into referral arrangements with immigration lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, family law lawyers, and others.

The amount of the referral fee percentage agreed to is determined on a case-by-case basis. Abogato, LLP strives to have open communication with lawyers it refers cases to so that all parties are protected and compliant.  Abogato, LLP will consider several factors in determining what an appropriate fee-sharing percentage is on each case.  Some factors considered are: the type of case, the complexity of the case, the anticipated costs, the desired level of involvement of each attorney, the stage of the litigation, among others.

We are always open to collaborating with other lawyers across the state.  Contact Abogato, LLP if you would like to refer a case to us, if you would like to co-counsel with us, or if you practice in a specialized practice area and want to receive referrals from us.


By sending a message you understand that an attorney-client relationship will not exist until an agreement is signed by the parties.  Do not send any confidential information until we have cleared any possible conflicts of interest. Do not send any information through your employer’s computer or device.