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Our Know-Your-Rights Videos

Do you have trouble understanding your full legal rights? Studies have shown that most employees in California do not know their full rights.  We created simple to understand videos that help you learn about California’s employment laws.

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Do you feel that you are treated unfairly at work or not paid your full legal wages? You are not alone.  Many of Californians have suffered from wage theft – the underpayment of wages.  Contact us today to discuss your employment law issues.

Wage and Hour Claims

Are you getting paid less than the minimum wage?  Do you work more than eight hours a day but don’t get paid overtime?  Do you work without any meal breaks?  Many workers do not receive the compensation that they deserve under the law.  A lawyer can help seek the compensation that your are owed.  Call us to speak with an employment law lawyer that can help.

Employment Discrimination

Your age, where you were born, the color of your skin, or who your spouse is do not define your work.  We understand that fighting for who you are and making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity can be daunting.  A lawyer can help level the playing field.  Call us and talk to a lawyer you can trust.


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